24-Year-Old, Emily Lee, has it all. As the last surviving member of the Carter Entertainment empire, she has all the money she’ll ever need, the freedom to do as she pleases, and the love of her girlfriend, Gabriella. She’s got a lifetime ahead of her to live life exactly how she chooses. Unfortunately, she also has the ghosts of her four murdered family members out for revenge.

As the ghosts close in and Emily’s debt to her family falls due, can a murderous heiress find the courage to do whatever it takes to save the one person on earth she loves besides herself?

Confession is for a mature audience. While there is no sexual content in the story, there is plenty of haunting, gore and violence.

Disclaimer: This book is written in British| Australian spelling

In His Words

What do you get when you have a serial killer searching for a family and a soul-eating demon masquerading as a Guardian Angel?

Sometimes recovering alcoholic Kevin Sanderson-Richards has lived alone, on the streets and in the boarding houses, of Sydney since the death of his beloved Grandmother when he was only 15. But he’s luckier than most. By his side is his Shadow, a 3-foot tall, almost transparent Guardian Angel with blood-red hands, candlelight eyes, and sharp white teeth. So long as Shadow is with him, Kevin knows he will always be safe.

Despite having Shadow for company, Kevin longs for a family of his own and is stunned when, during a drunken afternoon, he sees Margaret Glenn on the television and realises she must be his real mother. Setting out to become the son every Mother truly dreams of while also keeping Shadow happy is a complicated process, but with Shadow’s help, Kevin tries to take the necessary steps to make a well-received first impression.

With his plans constantly derailed, Kevin becomes the epicentre of a string of violent murders as he turns Sydney into a killing ground in order to save his mother and take her to safety, where he and Shadow can look after her forever.

In His Words is for a mature audience. While there is no sexual content in the story, there is blood, gore and violence.

Disclaimer: In His Words is written in British | Australian spelling.

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