The Only Good Indians – Review

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones is a novel that tells the story of four Blackfeet Indian men who, as boys, were initiated into a hunting society. Years later, they are each stalked by a vengeful supernatural being who seems to be seeking retribution for their actions in the past.

The book starts strong, with an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere that immediately draws the reader in. Jones’s writing is evocative and atmospheric, painting a vivid picture of the Montana landscape and the culture of the Blackfeet people. The characters are well-drawn and easy to relate to, and the reader quickly invests in their struggles and fates.

However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that Jones is trying to tackle many themes and issues, and the book suffers as a result. The supernatural elements of the story are intriguing and well done. Still, the novel also delves into issues of identity, racism, and cultural appropriation, and these threads can sometimes feel forced and heavy-handed.

Additionally, the book’s pacing feels uneven, with some sections dragging on for too long and others feeling rushed.

Despite these shortcomings, The Only Good Indians is still compelling and thought-provoking. Jones is a talented writer; his descriptions of the Blackfeet culture and the Montana landscape are truly beautiful. The characters are complex and well-developed, and the reader is left with a sense of unease and unease about what the future holds for them.

Overall, I would rate The Only Good Indians 2.5 stars. The book has its strengths and weaknesses but is a worthy read for horror and supernatural fiction fans. However, it’s not without flaws and may not appeal to everyone.

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